Travel advice

New immigration rules

Since 26 May 2014, new immigration legislation has been introduced in South Africa. It is extremely important if you are travelling with minors (-18 years), wish to stay there for a longer period of time (+3 months) or want to settle permanently. You will find the latest developments in this South African matter on this page.

Belgians in distress

Despite all your precautions, you get into a distress situation abroad. What to do? Read more...

Contact details for Belgians in distress

For urgent cases (accidents, lost/stolen documents, etc. - no visas!) after working hours and at weekends, Belgians can contact:

  • the Consulate General in Pretoria (jurisdiction) via the emergency number +27 82 458 80 26
  • the Consulate General in Cape Town (jurisdiction) via the emergency number +27 73 772 45 59

Travellers Online

No country is completely safe from crisis, attacks, or accidents. Register your trip on Travellers Online. This will make it easier for the FPS Foreign Affairs to inform and support you. Your details will always remain confidential.


Wanda contains general information on health risks and vaccination recommendations per country, based on the Belgian travel medicine recommendations. Read more